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The Foundation of Victoria de los Angeles is opened to Big Art in capital letters, as the same Victoria de los Angeles was sensitive not only to music but also to literature and painting. A sensitivity she knew to share and communicate, always with generosity, and through the voice, which is possibly the best instrument of all, and the most fragile.

With this instrument, with her sensitivity and her control of the technical skills, Victoria de los Angeles made a sort of art that transcended an only musical form as the opera is. The lied, the concert and the oratory were demonstrations where the soprano from Barcelona felt comfortable, yet in her beginning and from her debut in the Palau de la Msica Catalana, in May 1944. After a brilliant international career around the five continents (always welcomed and loved by the public from the most prestigious theatres and concert halls from all over the world), with prudence and after a recital, the small figure of Victoria slipped away in the backstage of the Big Hall of the National Theatre of Catalonia, on December 28th, 1997. On January 15th 2005 she left us forever, after giving us the present of her precious legacy: her singing.

The versatility of a unique voice, the personality of a one-and-only woman and the sensitivity of a human being so beloved as respectful, are some of her best virtues that define the character of a person that passed through life with the first words of the famous lied by Mendelssoh: on the wings of singing. This singing was the reason of Victoria de los Angeles life. To sing she sacrificed a private life, but she knew to sing to this same life handed by local and foreign composers, famous and anonymous, always with the same energy, conscience, sensitivity and art. An art, Victorias one, pure and responded with passion and unanimously either by the most erudite critics than by the devoted public of her absolutely extraordinary character.

Now its our turn. We are responsible to push forward this ship that is our Foundation, we have to get the cruising speed to carry out a project that has to preserve in the individual and collective memory the lively and human witness, personal and artistic, of one of the greatest women from the 20th Century: Victoria de los 聲geles L鏕ez Garc燰.

Thank you for your support.

Jaume Radigales
Musical critic. Patron from the Foundation Victoria de los Angeles


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