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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Department of Classical and Contemporary Music in the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya, (ESMUC) in collaboration with the Victoria de los A


The goal of the Masters Lied program, “Victoria de los Angeles” is to form and develop professionals, (singers, pianists, musicologists, music critics, orchestral conductors).  The program consists of specializing in interpretation and/or research into Lied through intensive study in this genre in order to broaden the student’s artistic experience in the specific repertoire of choice.  Courses and classes aim to improve the artistic capacity of each student in order to prepare them with the skills and experiences they will require to enter into the professional world.


The “Victoria de los Angeles” Master in Lied offers three branches of study:

- German Lied

- Spanish Song, Catalan Song

- Theoretical Research


The program in all three of these studies is divided into:

compulsory subjects for all Master’s students:  specialized interpretation, (in duo or singer – pianist), artistic presentations, concerts outside of the ESMUC, a final Master’s concert and a written thesis for the branch of theoretical research.

Compulsory courses:  specialization

Within the selected specialization, (German Lied, Spanish Song, Catalan Song) the grammar, syntax, applied phonetics and language of the era will be studied as well as poetic prose and analyses, (romanticism in the case of German Lied), as well as the history of the genre and its repertoire.


Elective Courses:

French melody – poetic interpretation.  Lied repertoire in other languages:  English, Russian, German if the student’s specialization is Spanish or Catalan song. If the specialization is German Lied, then it would be the language study of Spanish or Catalan.


Academic Director: Dr. Josep Borràs

Academic Coordinators: Dr. Melissa Mercadal and Francisco Poyato.

The Master’s program will be taught by professors from the department of classical and contemporary music and will also include teachers from outside the ESMUC who are recognized international artists.

Professors of the Interpretation program:

Interpretation of German Lied:  Alan Branch, Assumpta Mateu, Francisco Poyato, Ofèlia Sala and Pep Surinyach.

Interpretation of Spanish and Catalan Song: Alan Branch, Assumpta Mateu, Mireia Pintó, Francisco Poyato Ofèlia Sala and Pep Surinyach.

The classes will be based on duo classes, (singer – pianist), collective lessons, group work, and in guided individual research.

Professors for the Theoretical Subjects:  

Dr. Rolf Bäcker, Patrick Borne, Alan Branch, Enric Casasses,  Dr. Luca Chiantore,  Mireia Pintó, Francisco Poyato, Viviana Salisi, Josep Surinyach, Rochsane M. Taghikhani.


In order to study this master’s degree, the student must have one of the following:

a) A Bachelor’s degree in artistic studies  in Spain or a degree from a Bachelor’s course from an ESHE institution which guarantees the level of preparation to enter an artistic master’s program

b) A degree of advanced studies granted by an institution in the European Space of Higher Education from which the country guarantees access to a masters program.

c) A degree according to the foreign systems from the European Space of Higher Education without the necessity of homologization, (please consult for specific cases), as long as the country of expedition guarantees preparation and access to post graduate studies.


Intepretation branch: the price is 6.500€

Theoretical Research: the price is 4.500€

Pre - Enrollment and Inscription

The period of pre-enrollment to the Masters program 2014 – 2015 is from March 24 to July 15, 2014.

Pre- enrollment by form:

The Academic commission for Master’s studies  (CAEM) of the Esmuc will evaluate:

- the admission criteria and applications of each student,

- the possibility of scholarships and prizes  

- the accreditation and degrees of the completed studies. 

The academic commission is made up of the Master’s research coordinator, the master’s director and the coordinator.

Pre- Enrollment and Inscription:

There will be a tax discount from the final enrollment fee offered to students who complete the pre-enrollment procedure. If the student is not accepted, 50% percent of the fee will be refunded.

Candidates will have to send a link to:

-a video archive in Dropbox or  

-a Youtube channel or

-a DVD of a minimum of 30 minutes. 

The recorded performances must include 3 pieces of different styles from the instrumental specialty of their choice. They will need to include fragments from different pieces or parts that are differentiated within a larger complex work. The recording must include image and sound of the candidate with a fixed camera of an interpretation done within the last 6 months. The recording date must be included in the recording.

The candidates will also have to send their Curriculum Vitae.

The DVD must be sent to: Dr. Melissa Mercadal Máster en Lied, canción española o cançó catalana “Victoria de los Ángeles”

Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. C. Padilla 155. 08013-Barcelona


The inscription will be made between the 22 and 26 of September, 2014


Upon completing the enrollment into this Master’s program, the student will obtain a student card for the ESMUC which will allow him/her to use the installations and library services of the centre as well as benefit from reduced prices for activities organized by the ESMUC.

More Information:

Academic Secretary of the ESMUC:

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