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Columna Msica

Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires Conductor: Lovro von Matacic Live 19647

This triple CD contains a non professional historical recording (October 1964) that apart from Victoria de los Ángeles´ presence (featuring Elsa) comprises many other interests. Christa Ludwig featuring Ortrud, the stage where it took place, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, a theatre where the soprano was far more demanded and generously recognized and applauded than in her native country, and even where many Uruguayans came on purpose to see  de los Ángeles. Furthermore, we must underline that this one has been in the Colón the last production in which soloists sung in German and choir in Italian. The recording has been mixed and remastered in order to improve its audition, and the booklet includes, in addition to the libretto, an exhaustive relationship of Wagnerian performances of Victòria of the Ángeles, compiled by Manuel Capdevila.

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Content (1 CD(3))
01. Preludio   BUY MP3
02. H顤t! Grafen,Edle,Freie von Brabant!   BUY MP3
03. Dank,K霵ig,dir   BUY MP3
04. Oh ciel! Si avanza l'accusata   BUY MP3
05. Einsam in trben Tagen   BUY MP3
06. Des Ritters will ich wahren   BUY MP3
07. Invan l'appello- finor suon   BUY MP3
08. Nun sei bedankt, mein lieber Schwan!   BUY MP3
09. Wenn ich im Kampfe fr dich siege   BUY MP3
10. Miracolo santo - agli occhi appar   BUY MP3
11. Del puro raddoppia - or tu il valor,   BUY MP3
12. Durch Gottes Sieg   BUY MP3
Content (2 CD(3))
01. Instrumental   BUY MP3
02. Erhebe dich,   BUY MP3
03. Was macht dich   BUY MP3
04. Du wilde Seherin, wie willst du doch   BUY MP3
05. Euch Lften, die mein Klagen   BUY MP3
06. Elsa! Ist meine Stimme dir so fred?   BUY MP3
07. Hier zu deinen Fssen.   BUY MP3
08. A festa convidati siam,   BUY MP3
09. Da ognun sia maledetto   BUY MP3
10. Nun h顤t, was er durch mich euch sagen l踀t   BUY MP3
11. Felice sia l'eletta   BUY MP3
12. Zurck, Elsa   BUY MP3
13. O K霵ig ! Trugbet顤te Frsten!   BUY MP3
14. Mein Held, entgenge khn dem ungetreuen!   BUY MP3
15. Elsa, erhebe dich! In deiner Hand   BUY MP3
Content (3 CD(3))
01. Preludio   BUY MP3
02. Lieti e fideli noi ti guidiamo   BUY MP3
03. Das ssse Lied verhallt   BUY MP3
04. Wie hehr erkenn'ich   BUY MP3
05. H鐼hstes Vertraun hast du mir   BUY MP3
06. Ach nein! doch dort   BUY MP3
07. Enrico viva...Viva il nostro Re!   BUY MP3
08. Che avvenne mai!...Oh ciel,cos'?   BUY MP3
09. In fernen land, unnahbar euren schritten   BUY MP3
11. Mein lieber Schwan!   BUY MP3

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